WRI 131 JOURNAL PRODUCTION series of Courses

For spring 2018, the writing minor is offering a new batch of journal production courses to replace the current one, WRI 131, which is exclusively dedicated to the Undergraduate Research Journal.

Instead of this single course, there are now three courses:

WRI 131A: Technical Writing and Editing (2 credits)

WRI 131B: Vernal Pool Production (2 credits)*

WRI 131C: Undergraduate Research Journal Production (2 credits)*

WRI 131A is a standalone course that covers the ins and outs of journal production – its catalog copy reads:

Theoretical and practical approaches to journal editing in academic, creative, and professional genres.  Engaging a range of stylistic, content, layout, and ethical concerns for digital and print journals, students address the demands of reviewing and editing various stages of manuscript preparation, from content to copyediting.

To go with WRI 131A, WRI 131B (Vernal Pool – the UC Merced undergraduate literary journal) and WRI 131C (URJ) are practicum courses for running our undergraduate journals.  To get into one or both of these courses, you either need to co-enroll in, or have already taken, WRI 131A.  *Note that WRI 131B and WRI 131C are repeatable for credit.

However, if you have taken WRI 131 in the past or are currently enrolled in WRI 131, then we will approve an override to enroll directly in WRI 131B or WRI 131C for the spring.  Please email Paul Gibbons (pgibbons@ucmerced.edu) if you wish to enroll directly in WRI 131B or WRI 131C.

For those of you who may know our writing minor courses already, note that it is now possible to gain four instead of just two credits in a single semester via this series.   Note too that you can take WRI 131A as a standalone course as well – only WRI 10 is pre-requisite for that course. 

We made these changes in order to give students a fuller experience in production and to better match the workload with the credit hours earned.  We also have wanted to add the literary journal to the course offerings for some time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Paul Gibbons (pgibbons@ucmerced.edu) or Anne Zanzucchi (azanzucchi@ucmerced.edu)